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New Years Day Tip Your Hat

The new Years is here ... again the day and night of drinking and taking a break from work is almost upon us. What does this mean for the company .. well since we are not really a "company" yet and we are just helping out other companies ... I guess that means that we are taking a break from .. well nothing really.

We work for several companies that we can't mention because some of them are not up and running yet and some of them we are helping to get back on their feet. What we do is to help out companies that are starting out or are in a little financial slump then when they get going or back on their feet again we collect a small fee.

Since only one of them is really paying us up front it's not a deal for us to take a little break this year.

So Happy New Years .. when it gets here!!



Christmas is always a big deal with us. We go and see the family and take a break from working. This year we are going to the parents house for food, fun and presents. Woot!~

I think that someone mentioned story telling of Christmas past this year. That should be fun. We have quite a few funny Christmas' under our belts.

There was one year where Grama caught someone in the bathroom .. handling some personal business .. and we don't mean pooping. That is a post for another time though!