Las Vegas Business


Business for ME

I want to create my own empireic business. I was thinking about a blogging business but it seems that what I want to do is already being done. SO .. I think in a few months when this blog is ready I will add it to the the list of the two I have going now. The idea was to get people to advertise on their blogs and get advertisers to pay for it. Good idea right .. well its being done by PPP and we knew it would be there but where not sure how far it would go .. dang .. so far so good right!


Welcome Aboard

We want to welcome a new company aboard .. this was a meeting that we actually had on New Years LOL

We went out in the traditional fashion and met with a couple of guys that are looking to spice things up with their company. Now they have been in business for years and are just looking to take a new direction when it comes to their marketing. We have mentioned some of the options available like the WOM advertising on PPP and some of the other things like visual and viral marketing.

They have developed a new product. Actually it is a new twist on an existing product but non the less it is a great deal. They have reinvented the wheel on this one .. well .. they have reinvented a wheel stand for large trucks.

It's a stand that you sling over the wheel and you can step up on it for those hard to reach under the hood jobs on a big ol 4x4. Pretty neat invention and even better with what they have created ....

We will link up to their site when it is complete and the purchase side of it is done. For now you will just have to wait.