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RSS for Business

RSS feeds are a great way to get information to everyone fast and effectively. So why aren't more companies using Feeds to get out the information about their products they have "on sale" this week or a great deal on a New Car This Week Only?

If a car dealership has too many cars in the stock pile they usually have a nice sale that benefits the car buyer. Well how long could it take to get those buyers to the dealership if they only use traditional methods of advertising? How about the umpteen hundred people they have subscribing to their website ??? Are they sending them emails or RSS feeds to let them know that there is a sale coming up or going on?

I would be willing to say that every car dealer in Las Vegas could use a feature like this on their sites. OR they can use posting on blogs to have the same effect without spending a ton of money setting up the backend of their existing sites with Feed ability. You got questions .. we got answers.


Gonna Cry

We haven't been accepted to PPP yet ..

They are probably pretty busy over there ...

Maybe later this afternoon or tomorrow or the next day ...

The PayPerPost blogger to advertiser relationship is so awesome ... We should have been on this blog talking constantly and getting all those good high PR incoming links to get this blog up and BOMBing out the little guys. hehe

We are working on the linking thing trying to link in as much as we link out. Anyone with a PR 6 hook us up. Blogs blogs blogs ... where are all the blogs? We want to get really into this PPP thing and get as much linking as we can going on. Remember the point a long time ago with LTP was to "Literally Link all the Sites on the Planet" .. somehow that has to be possible. Get a link to every site out there and the 130 new sites (blogs) or what ever the number is, I know it's pretty high, and thats per like day or something. Have to check that one out deeper. Just super busy right now.


Today is the DAY

Payperpost here we come .. this will be another blog that I want to add to PPP. I have been doing PPP for a while now on my other blogs but this one didn't meet the requirements till today. WOOT. So let me in PPP and lets make some more blog cash happen. How many more people should I tell about PPP? I have told everyone I know ...... TWICE .. so whats up .. can I get an iPod or something!

How about another night out on the town in Vegas with the crew? Ted you know you think we are freaks. hehe .. That was a great wedding though!!


Manage eh twa

What . .. .two peas in a pod take on a third. This company that we have been planning for just released the third company slogan in two days and it seems to be working for them. "Manage eh Twa" We are sure that it has some other meaning .. right!

Vacation went well .. we had a ton of fun and got to relax a bit. we took 2384923847 pictures of the beautiful scenery up on the mountain. I will link some of them here when I get more time ..

For now it's back to the drawing board. .. time to fly.


One Day Left

There is one day left till vacation. Tomorrow we will take leave finally for all the work that we have been doing for other companies up to this point this is a well deserved vacation.

Not your typical vacation though .. we will be heading to the mountain for a weekend and a day of fun and hiking. Sounds exciting don't it!

We will take lots of pictures so check out the photos site for the scenery. Should be some good dtuff on there.