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Student Credit Card

May kids in college these days require that last minute resource to get what they need for class. Having a secured credit card is a real big plus for students that are on the go. Carrying cash around for a student can sometimes be a real hassle.

Credit Net is one of the first websites that we have seen that offers reviews of credit card situations for students. The online applications are easy to read and fill out. Choose from Chase, Discover, American Express Blue Card and many more. Your options are limitless on Credit Net. If you have a student in your family and want to make sure they have the money they need when they need it ... check into Credit Net and see if there is a credit card situation that fits your needs and the needs of your striving student.

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Paint Ball Update

This is an update on the progress of one of our hopefuls. Tony is still working on becoming the next big thing in Las Vegas in the way of Paint Balling. Sticking to his well rounded business plan we believe he is making progress at an astonishing rate.

Tony's Paint Ball Idea will be the next big thing to hit Las Vegas.



What do you think about a sites that compare loans and offer personal loans and secured loans? There are many sites out there today that offer loans to people in need of some quick cash. Which one will you choose? With the growing number of sites offering low low interest rates and great repayment methods you should really check out the ones that you are very comfortable with.

Some loan places are making it a little too easy to obtain a loan. No credit check, no bank account just bring us your car title and we will lend you the money. What about the banks that will give you a loan based only on your last paycheck stub? How easy is it to make a fake paycheck stub? Very easy! With the technology of computers and printers that are available to the general public today anyone can make up a life to get some extra cash from some of these places that are just not checking the background properly. Maybe if there was a little more honesty in the world people could be trusted to do the right thing.

Banks are just getting too lenient on giving money away .... is it because they are so well covered and can re-coop that money easily from the government? Who is to say .. but there is way too much money being given away and not enough of it being repaid.

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Business Opp

What if someone approached you with a business opportunity of selling phones? Not just any phones .. video phones! This is the latest venture that has been put in front of us and we are seriously considering the partnership.

The offer is that you will receive a video phone and service on a land line for about $23 a month. The set up is about $130 out of pocket to the end user for the phone and activation. To get into the selling portion of the program you need $500 and if you sign up two of your friends in the first month for the $500 level of selling you get $1000 cash. Enough to bring on two friends!

We where presented with this opportunity and think that there is a better way. Given they have put a lot of thought into how they want to sell these new phones and service but we think there is a better way. What about giving the phones away for "free" and charging more on the back end of the service? Not so much that it is over priced, but maybe splitting up the payments for the $130 for the phone into a few monthly payments. You can always catch more flies with honey and giving things away for what seems like free will always get more people to buy.

What are your thoughts?

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Appliances and Electronics

Some sites offer appliances, some sites offer electronics. Few website stores offer them both and ad good prices. You may not find ice makers in the same web store that you would find headphones or DVD players. There is a website that offers all of the above and more.

Everything from home theater systems to GPS navigation to washing machines. You can find it all at

It is odd to see washing machines and iPods for sale on the same website. But sure enough we found them at ABT. We will be looking for some of our future purchases on the site. We still need a whole lot of equipment for the new studio and we are always looking for a great price. Saving money is important for us to maintain the high quality of our podcasts. Every penny counts.

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