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Laptop Memory

I am having a heck of a time finding memory for this laptop that I have been working on and trying to get up to par. Not that I can't find the right laptop memory for the machine, but I can not find the right amount of memory. I want to put like 4 Gigs in there but I can only find 1 Gig sticks for this model of laptop. It is an older Dell Inspiron so I know that the memory for this particular laptop is out there somewhere. I tried contacting Dell for the upgraded memory that they are making now a days and the old stuff they had back when this laptop was brand new but if you have ever dealt with Dell then you know that was lost cause.

I'm going to have to do some more research on this before I put it to rest though. I know this can be a kick ass laptop if I can get the right hardware in it.

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Health Insurance

Do you have health insurance for you and your family? Why not? Because it is too expensive? Because your employer does not offer it to you? What ever you have for an excuse there is an alternative to not having health insurance. There is affordable health insurance out there you just need to hunt it down and do a little research in to pricing and options for you and your family. Individual health insurance is becoming more and more affordable and will get even better if we get the right candidate into office. Maybe. I hope that we see a real improvement in the health care industry over the next year. I would like to see that we are catching up with other nations when it comes to health care and medical coverage for people that are not privileged to get it on their own or for free. Health insurance is pretty important especially if you have a family and even more so if you are in need of special care.


Medical ID Tags

Don't be a dummy. If you are one of the millions of Americans that has allergies to medications or are in special need of care in the case of an emergency then you need to know about medical id tags and how they can save your life. And the many other uses for them as well!!! I see that the medical industry is always thinking of new and inventive ways to keep track of things. The medical id tag is a pretty nice little item that is nearly indestructible. About the size of a dog tag these little jems can save lives and keep things organized for your needs. Not everyone will live through an accident or emergency situation. That is just life. But you have a better chance of survival when you are well equipped.


Cheap Flight to Where

Why does this always happen? You find out that you need to be somewhere and you need to be there in a hurry but to get there in a timely manner is going to cost you an arm and a leg and possibly your first born! Why can't every flight be the same price? I bet they would have more business and I wouldn't see the first three rows of seats in front of me empty on the flight from Vegas to LA. There are some cheap flights available online that will save you money and tempt you to take more vacations. I like that there are websites to access this information. I say fill those seats and lower the price for those that want to travel to and fro. Do you think one of the Presidential Candidates would tackle the issue of rising prices of airline tickets? I bet not but one can always be hopeful.

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Drug Rehab

I see that there are tons of famous people checking into drug rehab for the smallest problems. I thought I had seen it all when I was younger but now I see that even the most famous people that are public role models for us are getting in to a serious situation of addiction and checking into a clinic like it was a vacation getaway. Understandably they have their own lives to live and even the most famous and highest profile people have issues. I don't think that we should judge them as harshly as we do though. I see that when ever someone on TV talks about a Star that is going to a drug rehab for some help with an addiction that the next comments are "You have a responsibility to behave" or something nutty like that. Hollywood is full of superstars but I think we all need to keep in mind that they are only human like everyone else. Just because they have money and are always in the public eye doesn't mean that they are less vulnerable to anything that we are susceptible to. It just means that they can afford to get the best help .... often!

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