Las Vegas Business


Real World Innovations

I came across an article that was pretty interesting. We used to own a company that could have used help like this. The article was about corporate performance management and that is something that if we would have had a little help in that area we would not have ended up selling to a larger company.

Some of the other companies in this town that could use some help like this are the cable company that provides the internet service to our area. I think we would be better off on dial up internet as many times as we have lost internet service in the past months. I can honestly say that I have been offline more than I have been online or trouble shooting the connection which is not really my job now is it?


New Homes Cables to Run

We are thinking about buying a house in the northern Las Vegas Area. I was looking at the area and that area of town is looking pretty good for living and investing. One thing I am looking at is that our neighbor will be one of our really good friends. So I was thinking about splitting the cost of internet and hooking up a CAT5e cable from our house to his. Literally there would be a cable connecting the houses and the internet. Pretty convenient for us both since we would save on the ever rising cost of internet service in our area. I can't believe that the cable company is raising our internet again. They should maybe stop giving the internet away to everyone and leave our costs alone??!!??


Hidden Spy Camera

We are going on vacation so we set up a hidden spy camera in our living room that covers the whole entry way to the house. It's very nice to think that we are going to be able to monitor the house whether we are here or not. I also set up a WOL (Wake on LAN) for the computer just in case something happens to the power in the house or the computer restarts because of a MS update. We have yet to test it out outside of the network besides for once when I first set up the hidden spy camera. This hidden spy camera has already come in handy when I was trying to catch the little ones messing with each other. I found out that the older on really IS picking on the baby when no one is looking .. or so he thought no one was looking!!


Foreclosure Help

I must get a call at least 3 times a week about people that are going into foreclosure. One great way to get out of a foreclosure is to get foreclosure help from the people that deal with foreclosures every day. You can't take on the banks lawyers by yourself so for the sake of your home and your family get some help. It only takes a few minutes to see if you are eligible for help and the only ONE thing you can do that will ensure that you lose your home is to wait to contact someone for help. DO NOT wait .. not even a single day. If you know that you are in a situation where you could possibly lose your home to foreclosure then get help right away. Don't wait for the bank to send you a letter or post a note on your home. Then it is usually too late.


Things NOT to do

Ok .. do you think it is proper to buy wrinkle cream for someone that has really bad wrinkled skin? Well this is my plan. I am going to get like ten things of wrinkle cream and give it to all the people I know that are wrinkly. I know that it seems a little cruel but I don't care. I want to video tape it and get their reaction when they open the bag and see the wrinkle cream. I think there is some Americas Funniest Home Videos there. I can't wait to do the first one so I can see how they react and see how well I can capture that moment!