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Our Killer TV Stand

We built the worlds greatest tv stand last weekend. We have one of those huge, overly huge, TVs that just takes up too much room when you have all the components on the sides. So we decided to take the time and set up one kick butt stand for the TV so wee could get more out of our viewing pleasure. Now the boys are playing Guitar Hero like they are in a rock band and we get to relax and watch movies in style while we lay back and munch pop corn!


Sale at

I just watched a pretty funny video about getting work out equipment from With everything that sells I am not surprised to see now workout equipment being offered at their site now to. Howie Mandel has to be the best choice for these videos. I can't think of anyone else that could pull off the innuendos that he does with such grace. If you are looking for something for sale online, go check out!

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