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iPhone Downtime

Everyone who has ever had a smart phone knows the dilemma when something like a cracked screen or a plunge in the sink full of water takes your all important multi-fashionable / functional life tool away from you.

Every email address, phone number and note lost and gone forever. Well that's not entirely true with the iPhone unless you never sync and save your current configuration to the iTunes.

I'm usually pretty good about leaving the phone on the charger over night and syncing when I do. However, this time I kinda made the mistake of turning off the automatic iTunes sync option in settings. That was mistake #1. I can't even think of all the notes and contacts that I didn't get to save due to annoying popping up programs.

iPhone $300
Pool $2800
Jeans with iPhone in the pocket ... $58
Losing your iPhone and all the information on it because you forgot to sync it .... PRICELESS!