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Rehab for Alcoholism

Any thoughts to making your life better with the use of a rehabilitation center? If this is something that you need to straighten your life out now is the time to take advantage of the numerous alcohol rehab centers available. There are more than enough places these days for people to get the help and encouragement that they need to make a better life for themselves and their families. Alcohol can seriously ruin an entire families well being with just one person being out of control. I personally have seen and felt the effects of an alcoholic in our family and I know that getting the help you need and getting it as soon as possible is the most important thing you will ever do. Even if you think you are not ready or not in need of treatment .. that is a really good sign that you sure are and you should check into some options now.

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A Prayer

I have a flower and a prayer.


Please God I don't ever ask you for much. In fact I don't pray unless there is a real need for help in our lives. God please take a moment and look in on our friend. She is in serious need of your help right now and if there is anything that you can do to help her out we would really appreciate it. I know you can work miracles and if you do this one for me and her family and friends then we will keep praying to you like we always do. Not bothering you too much with the small things and saving our prayers for the big things. The things that matter most to you and us in life. If you can take just as long as you need to do us this favor and grant our friend one more chance we would be grateful. We are always grateful for all that you do when we are not asking for any help. Thank you God and keep up the good work. Hey I saw that Eye of God picture that NASA got the other day. I didn't know you had blue eyes!

Amen ....

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