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My eBay Store Affiliate Thingy

So I am sure everyone knows that making an affiliate site work for you can be very rewarding. This is true in so many ways and you need to do a little back end work to get yourself out there and up on the web in front of people. Kind of why I'm doing this post so go look at the site. This is my first affiliate site with the eBay and Commission Junction partners. The site was easy to do nce I got all the information input. I got one of those Build A Niche Store sites. They help very much when putting together your eBay Affiliate Store. I chose to start with a Book Store and I think that for the most part it came out pretty nice. There was not a whole lot that I did to the design of the template. And I will be doing more over time, but for now I think ik looks ok and I really want to see how the site handles right now.

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Making Advertisments on a PodCast

So the reason we all do what we do here on Link The Planet is because we want to make money. We want to make money blogging and various other ways with our blogging skills. Well one of the bigger more exciting things that Link The Planet is working on is advertising through PodCasts. Everyone is doing it and making a pretty good living or at least making a few extra dollars. Either way we want to get our hands dirty in the video podcasting and this is what we are up to.

This is a video that we did for the Hookah Lounge. The Hookah Lounge Show is a new show that Link The Planet is working on and the show can be seen on BlogTV as well as here and we will be putting a few new pages up so that everyone can see them on the PodCasts Site.


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Business Opp

What if someone approached you with a business opportunity of selling phones? Not just any phones .. video phones! This is the latest venture that has been put in front of us and we are seriously considering the partnership.

The offer is that you will receive a video phone and service on a land line for about $23 a month. The set up is about $130 out of pocket to the end user for the phone and activation. To get into the selling portion of the program you need $500 and if you sign up two of your friends in the first month for the $500 level of selling you get $1000 cash. Enough to bring on two friends!

We where presented with this opportunity and think that there is a better way. Given they have put a lot of thought into how they want to sell these new phones and service but we think there is a better way. What about giving the phones away for "free" and charging more on the back end of the service? Not so much that it is over priced, but maybe splitting up the payments for the $130 for the phone into a few monthly payments. You can always catch more flies with honey and giving things away for what seems like free will always get more people to buy.

What are your thoughts?

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Home Business Opportunity

Anyone looking for a home based business opportunity will find a fighting team with I Like
Does this describe you?
You want to take control of your life/Income instead of working for someone else. You are driven and self motivated. You understand that to run a business it takes effort and you don’t get something for nothing. You are not looking for handouts, but you are looking for the right business model. You are able to put forth effort for at least 10-20 hours per week. You are a steward of your money. You are in control of your finances.

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