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If you are looking into a real estate franchise there are so many options that are available to you. We have been looking into some franchising in the area of the country that we want to move to so that we can have our own business to run when we get there. I have been in real estate for a few years now and I love it. I find that working with people is a ton of fun and helping them find what they are looking for in a large purchase like that is really rewarding. I want to get to know the other side of the page though and move into being a real estate agent. That way I will be able to understand the business from both ends. Right now I am the coordinator for putting people into properties. That is great but I want to see how the other side of this whole thing works.


Cheaper Apartments Finally

Apartments are getting a little cheaper in this fair city. I found out today that our friend is getting her own apartment for under $800 and it is a 2 bedroom. That is exciting since she has never had her own place that we know of to date. She is getting this awesome apartment right down the street from us to. So that will make it a little more convenient for us to go to her place to get in the pool. It was a long ass drive to her house before when she was staying at her parents. We are happy for her adn congratulations. We will be checking out those apartments for ourselves.

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Las Vegas Real Estate

Have you ever wondered where people live in Las Vegas? I hear it all the time form people that have never been to Vegas they ask if we live in one of the hotels or something. Well that simply is not the case. There is plenty of room to live here in Las Vegas.

If fact if you are looking in to Las Vegas real estate you will find that there are not only new homes available here but also resale homes. The job market in Las Vegas is a direct reflection of the housing market here. With more and more investors coming to Vegas to purchase homes there is an abundance of rent-able and purchasable homes in the Las Vegas Area.


Real Estate Management

We are currently looking for a new house to live in that is not so expensive. Every property that we have seen so far is managed by a property management company. OMG They can be the biggest pains in the butts sometimes. Every chance we get to go and see a house so far this week has ended in the property management company's representative not being able to make it there to show us the house.


Re/SYS Realestate

Re/SYS Realestate offers:

RE/Sys property management has been providing rental services for over 14 years and currently manages over hundreds of homes and condos throughout Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas. We have collected over $3.5 million in rents this past year and have rented an average 26 units per month.

Your home will rent faster with RE/Sys

We are a dedicated and hard working team of professionals who place your investing needs as our top concerns. Our experience and knowledge of the Las Vegas market will get you the quickest and best results. Your home will rent faster because of our advertising and connection to the rental community. Multiple Listings, web sites, classified advertising, our unique Telephone Listing program, property signs and lockboxes provide total access to your property by prospective tenants.

Our large phone call volume increases the probability that your home will be the next one to rent. We receive up to 50 phone calls daily from prospective tenants. Your house may be perfect for one of them!

High quality standards of cleanliness and appearance ensure that your house will be attractive to prospective tenants.

Our knowledgeable and available licensed, leasing staff are ready to show your home!

Your home will receive better care with RE/Sys!

Our years of experience will make you successful with your investment. Management is not a science, but more of an art. There is no single theory of success in the rental marketplace. Handling the needs of tenants, limiting landlord expenditures, and maintaining the rental house creates delicate situations requiring good judgment. Your manager must be a skilled troubleshooter on many levels. We have "oldtimer" knowledge with "youthful" action.

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