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Cheap Flight to Where

Why does this always happen? You find out that you need to be somewhere and you need to be there in a hurry but to get there in a timely manner is going to cost you an arm and a leg and possibly your first born! Why can't every flight be the same price? I bet they would have more business and I wouldn't see the first three rows of seats in front of me empty on the flight from Vegas to LA. There are some cheap flights available online that will save you money and tempt you to take more vacations. I like that there are websites to access this information. I say fill those seats and lower the price for those that want to travel to and fro. Do you think one of the Presidential Candidates would tackle the issue of rising prices of airline tickets? I bet not but one can always be hopeful.

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Looking into Vacations

We are looking more and more into vacations now that we have a little time saved up at work for days off. We are taking a vacation to Washington soon and we are already looking into another vacation after that one. A bunch of us were sitting around talking about what kind of vacation we would like to take and cruises are looking more and more inviting. A week or so out on the water on a big boat with no kids. Oh yeah that sounds like a real vacation to me. I would like to spend a little time alone with the adults and relax with a few drinks and sit pool side for a few days soaking in the sun. That really sounds like something that would relax me more than a road trip although I am excited about getting out of this town for a few days.

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Vacation Travel Expense

Traveling is always supposed to be a pleasure. This is a time when you are supposed to be relaxed and getting back that lost energy that you used working for years to take a vacation. Finding the best travel deals is not as hard as you would think. Having someone else take care of your arrangements so that you can simply enjoy yourself can make all the difference.

On our last vacation we chose to have someone else plan out the course of our adventure. We ended up having the time of our lives and did more than we though would be possible in such a short time. We chose to have an added surprise to our vacation package. We asked the planner to add one little adventure for us that we didn't want to know about until the very time it was about to happen. I'm still not 100% sure what part of the vacation that was but the whole thing seemed to be a never ending vacation for us all.

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