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Charcoal Portrait

I love the way these charcoal portraits look hanging on the wall. You can check out and see some really nice pick of the charcoal portraits that have been done there. They also have this cool video on YouTube ...

These portraits add life to any home or office. You will be the envy of everyone who see your portrait and you will have hours of conversations about where you had them done and how much and so on. You can tell them that you had your portrait done online at

The imagery of the charcoal portraits will mystify and amaze you and everyone who sees your portrait. The creativity is so astounding and the look is beautiful. The portraits are so life like you can hardly tell that they are not the original photos. On the site they show you how the transformation from original photo to charcoal portrait is so flawless and stunning that you will hardly notice the difference.

These charcoal portraits are the perfect wedding gift. Capture this moment in a way that can not be matched by paint or photography. This truly is amazing art and a very beautiful and heart felt gift for anyone who receives them. There are also landscape portraits that are totally awe inspiring. The depth and realism of these portraits and landscapes are the centerpiece of any great story. I would have one made for the images that we got from our trip to the mountains. We took some very interesting pictures up there and would love to have those turned into charcoal portraits.

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